BIKUTA MALAMIA is a Hong Kong based art unit that can easily blend in your daily life. The bold colors and surreal frameless style are the unique signature of the brand. Through the affectionate painting, we lead everyone to feel free and unpretentious and be loyal to their own dream. BIKUTA MALAMIA believes that color is not only a visual stimulus, but also a positive energy exchange with the soul, helping people to appreciate everything in the world from multiple angles in a more comprehensive way.

BIKUTA MALAMIA Founder and Artist
Peter Wu, the founder and artist of BIKUTA MALAMIA, studied Art in France for seven years. The seven-year immersion in France inspired Peter to have a multifaceted view of art creation. ART is LIFE and LIFE is ART. Painting, flower arrangement, photography, and makeup are all forms of art. Peter decided to merge his surreal frameless paintings and daily necessities, so that works with positive energy is spread to every little corner in people’s life. Peter believes that color is a bridge connecting dreams and reality. Having a visual and spiritual communication with the audience, colour can also affect emotions and channel positive energy.

Email:  info@bikutamalamia.com