Les Champignons (Part I)

* stain plus X BIKUTAMALAMIA
Exclusive drip bag coffee box set
Visual created by BIKUTAMALAMIA

Solo exhibition < LES CHAMPIGNONS >  PART I
Date:17th June 2021- 10th AUG 2021
Venue: Stain plus, Sheung Wan, HK

 A dark and damp place is never an ideal habitat for survival and growth. However, fungi do exist and grow in chaotic, yet orderly forms under such unfavourable condition and even thrive into various beautiful colors.

This inspires BIKUTA MALAMIA a lot. He believes that even in difficult times, holding our faith, we can still overcome the constraints of the environment and the obstacles in life. As long as we stick to our faith, we can enjoy life as glamorously as fungus do, explore the infinite possibilities ahead of us and become one of the unique existences in the world.

On top of the unique appearance, the vibrant and gorgeous colors of fungi are also deeply attracted to BIKUTA MALAMIA, who is very color sensitive. The founder believes that color is not only a visual stimulus, but also a good medium for communication. It can foster the exchange of emotions and feelings, thereby shortening the distance between people.

In this exhibition, the five pieces of artwork of BIKUTA MALAMIA send messages to everyone through painting as usual. Using personification, BIKUTA MALAMIA moves the realistic captivating colors of the protagonist of the exhibition - fungi onto the canvas. With the addition of the fantasy elves carrying magical colors, the reality is interwoven with illusions, presenting the most fascinating pictures to the audience.