You are not alone

*A set of oil pastel paintings created for the theme - << You Are Not Alone >>
Exhibited with <Aux fleurs lovers>> socks installation.

You are not alone <<你不是一個窿>>
Date: 5 Dec 2020 - 11 Jan 2020
Venue: RNH space

You are not alone. You never are.

I love you. They love you. God loves you. Even the unknown higher energy is taking you under his wings.

You Are Not Alone focuses on the themes of universal love with the analogy between art and religious practice, as the second presentation of series x RNH Space. In collaboration with Shitshop999, an artist-run select shop, the space set up a pop-up shop as an experimental body of mixing concepts such as artist shop, commercial art and art thinking.

作為「x RNH Space」計劃的第二個項目,RNH Space聯乘藝術家特選商店Shitshop999,設立這個快閃店並命名為「你不是一個窿」,一同探討「愛众世」的話題,將藝術類比為宗教修行,並實驗性地將藝術家特選店、廣告藝術、藝術思維等概念有機地結合。