Le monologue

Le monologue (獨白)
The 1st solo virtual exhibition:

Date: 08 Feb - 08 May


Twins have always been a wonderful existence. There are two such similar yet completely independent individuals in the world, contradicting each other but at the same time relying on each other. 

Regardless of the facial expressions or gestures, there is like another me in the world, as if there are two selves, the outer and inner selves, who are themselves but not themselves simultaneously. Only by having them at the same time can we have the deepest and naked dialogue with ourselves, and only through communication can we coexist permanently and safely.

今次從中受到的啟發,以自己作為出發點,於Le monologue系列八幅作品之中,加入自身的特點,利用自畫像去演繹兩個相似卻又不盡相同的自己,只有你才能定義你,希望藉此可以作為一個起點,引領大家回到自身去反覆思考哪個才是真正的自己。

Taking myself as the starting point, adding my own characteristics to the eight art pieces in the Le monologue series, and using self-portraits to interpret two similar but different selves, I am deeply inspired - Only you can define yourself. I Hope that this can be served as a starting point to lead everyone to return to themselves and reflect on who is the real self.

是次 BIKUTA MALAMIA 展覽將首次於網上虛擬空間 Spatial 舉行,選取虛擬的平台作為場地,並以「非同質化代幣」(Non-Fungible Token,簡稱NFT)作為媒體,亦是對應了今次 Le monologue 系列的主題,每個NFT都是別具一格的獨立單位,猶如每個存在於世界上的人一樣,獨特而不可被取替。希望大家置身於虛擬的場地,看著虛擬的作品,尋回真實的自己。

This BIKUTA MALAMIA exhibition will be held for the first time in a virtual space called Spatial. The reason why this virtual platform is selected and the "Non-Fungible Token" (NFT) is used as the medium is to correspond to the theme of the series Le monologue. Each NFT is an independent unit, just like every human being in the world, unique and irreplaceable. I hope everyone will be in the virtual venue and find their real self, looking at the virtual works.