Les Champignons (Part II)


Solo exhibition < LES CHAMPIGNONS >  PART II
Sulwhasoo X BIKUTA MALAMIA X stain plus
Date: 16 AUG 2021- 12nd SEP 2021
Venue: Stain plus, Sheung Wan, HK

本地新晉視覺藝術創作單位 BIKUTA MALAMIA ,於上環太平山街隱世咖啡店stain+ 首次舉行個人作品展覽「 Les champignons」,為延續正面力量,BIKUTA MALAMIA 更是受到韓國尊貴護膚品牌雪花秀的邀請,於上環太平山街隱世咖啡店 stain+ 一同聯手打造期間限定 First Care 夏日別注咖啡店 Amber House,以慶祝特別為今個盛夏推出的潤燥再生精華夏日別注版 。以用色大膽,酷愛超現實風格創作見稱的 BIKUTA MALAMIA,參考了限量版包裝盒上的圖案,為 Amber House 注入玩味新鮮感,繪畫了充滿特色的巨型外牆壁畫,讓你走進炫目耀眼的雪花秀世界。

今次 BIKUTA MALAMIA 「 Les champignons」展覽以多樣性的菇菌類作創作主題,將野生菇菌類的美豔色彩以油粉彩呈現於大家眼前,當中更加入了幻想元素 ,透過作品將 EVERYTING IS POSSIBLE 的訊息傳遞大家,而「 Les champignons」展覽的後續更聯同韓國尊貴護膚品牌雪花秀合作,寓意不同形態的生命,都以他們獨有的姿態為世界帶來各種的可能性,就如用上雪花秀高效能護膚品後,女性時刻展現自信閃耀光彩。

 A dark and damp place is never an ideal habitat for survival and growth. However, fungi do exist and grow in chaotic, yet orderly forms under such unfavourable condition and even thrive into various beautiful colors.

This inspires BIKUTA MALAMIA a lot. He believes that even in difficult times, holding our faith, we can still overcome the constraints of the environment and the obstacles in life. As long as we stick to our faith, we can enjoy life as glamorously as fungus do, explore the infinite possibilities ahead of us and become one of the unique existences in the world.

On top of the unique appearance, the vibrant and gorgeous colors of fungi are also deeply attracted to BIKUTA MALAMIA, who is very color sensitive. The founder believes that color is not only a visual stimulus, but also a good medium for communication. It can foster the exchange of emotions and feelings, thereby shortening the distance between people.

In this exhibition, the five pieces of artwork of BIKUTA MALAMIA send messages to everyone through painting as usual. Using personification, BIKUTA MALAMIA moves the realistic captivating colors of the protagonist of the exhibition - fungi onto the canvas. With the addition of the fantasy elves carrying magical colors, the reality is interwoven with illusions, presenting the most fascinating pictures to the audience.